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ApostacdGood day Makus and Dana and welcome to being the first artist interviewed for Apostacd.

Dana Do: Greetings!

Makus: Hello, Mike, and thank you for your interest. I want to admit that this is our first interview as well! 

ApostacdPlease tell us how the Overdream project started and where the name for this amazing group came from? 

Makus: Overdream was born early 2006 in Kiev, Ukraine; and during its first year its staff changed 3 times. The project was formed as a night psychedelic duo of Makus and Demon, later Dana Do joined it and later Demon quit. Since then, for almost two years now, we are working together - both in studio and while performing live. Our marriage made our music blossom out more beautiful.

ApostacdWhat is the philosophy or the aim of this project? 

Dana Do: Well, basically the aim is quite simple: the incarnation of sounds and atmospheres which live in our souls.

Makus: To put it even simpler, we are making music that we like the way we want it. We are not really into super sub-genres defining, that's why we like to say that we make psychedelic music. Electronic, mostly. 
ApostacdWhat is the main equipment you use in the studio?  

Dana Do: LOVE and LIGHT! 

Makus: Besides that we have some computers and synthesizers. 
ApostacdWhat equipment do you prefer to use for a live performance?  

Makus: One laptop with one Ableton Live, one Blofeld synthesizer, one Native Instruments sound card and one Korg Nanokey! That’s how we do it now. But that’s a matter of change. 
ApostacdWhen did you begin your journey in the psychedelic trance scene and what made you want to become a part of it?  

Makus: We are into the psychedelic culture for more than a decade already. Besides listening to the music, we tried making and playing it, organizing parties and radio shows, even releasing CDs. 

Dana Do: Trance is a big part of our life and living without it is not an option for us. It lived in our hearts even when we tried to step out... It's like a magical absorbing river. If you once dove into you won't be able to come up to the surface fully ever. 
ApostacdDo you think the scene now still has the spiritual and true trance experience as the early Goa days or has it changed into a more commercial scene?  

Dana Do: Unfortunately we didn't have an opportunity to meet the real goa-spirit of old days, which we actually miss anyway, but life is life. Sometimes huge things pass by but there is always something fresh and new that will delight souls and hearts, isn't it?

Makus: Yes it is. The situation within the scene differs quite much from country to country, and from party to party, but I can tell you confidently that this scene is very-very unique with both positive and negative aspects. 

Dana Do: It is not that important what is going on around. If the spirit and music are with you and you embody and bring it to all involved people than it is okay. We love open air parties, doesn't really matter forest or beach, and hope to find our personal heaven on Earth sooner or later.  
ApostacdWhere do you see the future of Overdream heading now that you have released your first album 'Wonderwise'? Focus still on trance or maybe exploring the down tempo aspect as per some of your tracks on the Avatar down tempo series?  

Makus: Well, our chill out debut took place already, and exactly on Avatar Records. Our track ‘Asian Spice’ proudly diluted Avatar's latest CD named ‘Cafe MarrakechOne more is coming soon. As of the future, we have huge plans. As I've already mentioned we are focusing on psychedelic music, which, in fact, is very versatile. That's why we think it is a good idea to expand our focus wider then trance/chill out combo. The main rule is to astonish and please the listener, in a good way.

Dana Do: We want to see Overdream in an unusual fusion of styles and genres with funky sounds and groovy basslines, which will bring light and inspiration into this world. We are on it. Honestly. 

ApostacdWho are your biggest influences musically both within and outside the psychedelic trance scene? 

Dana Do: Well, that’s a tough one… Mr. Posford, for sure. Nick Cave. Let’s stop on it. Oh, also there was my piano teacher when I was six =) 

Makus: You know, when I was younger it was easy for me to name 5 or 10 bands that were my favorite. Now its complicated. I really dig Simon Posford's music - all of it. It inspires. Plus Ocelot. And Astrix. Braincell. Juno Reactor. I love psychedelic chill and night style trance. Besides that I'm fond of blues and American music of 50s and 60s. I also listen to classical music, instrumental, post punk, pop and top-notch mainstream from time to time. So much music, so little time!

ApostacdDo you have any plans for collaborations?

Makus: Sure, and some of them sooner or later will turn to life. We finished a track with Enertopia and Loki (full on); Pharmacore (night style); Smiley Pixie (chill). We are collaborating with Ukrainian and Russian fellow artists like Cifroteca, Kadasarva, Alienapia and others.

Dana Do: Actually we have many offers and propositions with musicians all over the world (thanks, Internet!) but please tell me where we can buy spare time to finish at least half of these tracks?
ApostacdFinally, any words of wisdom for the people out there reading this?  

Dana Do: Wish you being creative, productive, never lose your heart and let the force be with you!

Makus: Keep it psychedelic. 

ApostacdThank you Dana and Makus so much for your time responding to these question and good luck for the future, I look forward to more Overdream sounds to expand my mind and trance dance experience.

Makus: We will do our best, thanks!

Dana Do: Thank you! 
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